Job seekers: 10 tips to help you get hired faster.

Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.

Katharine Whitehorn

I am writing this article because I see so many jobs seekers making so many mistakes online. I want to help you become successful. Please share this post so that many can benefit from these advice. Before I decided to jump into screenwriting and even writing a ton of books, I was a marketing manager and business developer.

I recently realized that I have never been unemployed. I started working when I was 9 (over 35 years of work experience) at my parents’ pastry shop as a cashier and 9 years later got my first job in a gas station. I held many many many different job titles until today. I left jobs on my own and was never fired. I don’t believe that I am different than any of you. But, if I am not different, I must have done things differently. I wrote 35 books on self and business development that took also major research in “what makes someone successful in every way”.

I want to share with you 5 things that I did during my life to never be unemployed and to always find a job around the corner. Hopefully, these tips will help you. I also want to share 10 tips that will help you find a job faster.

5 things 1 did:

1- I always always aimed to be THE best.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. ” Vince Lombardi

I would look at the person who was the best in the company (most promoted. paid more, received the most accolades) and then, I would aim at being better. The gold medal is often only .000000001 more than the silver medal. If you are the gold medalist, chances are, you won’t be the first to go. Not the second, the third… actually, you will be the last they will let go. You become indispensable.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

2- I always educated myself in the field I worked in

“The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running. Where it is lacking there are no real students, but only poor caricatures of apprentices who, at the end of their apprenticeship, will not even have a trade.” Simone Weil

When I was hired as a marketing manager for a real estate and mortgage company, I spent all my free time reading and learning (eating, sleeping, talking, walking) about the new job. At some point I knew enough to write articles in the local papers about the industry. When you know more, you are paid more. Again, you are indispensable. And, by the way, that knowledge greatly helped later invest in real estate.

3- I always kept my options open.

“Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it’s about having a lot of options.”  Chris Rock

If you depend on one company, one job, one line of work, one title, one pay check, your options considerable slim down. And your stress level increases radically. Therefore, you want to have more options. Diversify your knowledge.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn something new every day. Read about the market you are in, read about the opportunities in other companies. Always keep your eyes open.

4- When I worked, I worked

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first. “Mark Twain

I used my time wisely, did what was the most important first. Asked my bosses what were their priorities so I could focus on those. I didn’t spend time making friends socializing at the coffee machine. I did what I needed to do, the best I could, the fastest I could. Socializing gets you so far but when bosses look at their bottom line, that part of the work life never appears on there. And rarely (although it happens) do you keep “job” friends for life. So you spent or wasted all that time with people who would rather see you go than loose their jobs… Food for thought. I wasn’t liked by the co-workers and I was OK with that. I can’t stand small talk about reality TV or complaints about the boss. Remember the theory of the bucket of crabs…

“Don’t wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” Mark Twain

But, when I gave my resignation, presidents and vice presidents of huge corporations came down from the upper floor trying to keep me in. What counts more? And frankly and humbly, I rather make friends with the big cheese. Not because I am an ass kisser. I had major and sometimes loud arguments with the big cheeses but, I was talking and learning from people at the highest level of the food chain who could help me become better inside and out. When I was a kid, I was bullied for being a nerd. Gifted, I skipped 4 years and ended with people much taller, much larger and not so much nicer (or smarter). I became friends with teachers because at least I could talk with someone who would listen and answer. I guess that stuck with me.

5- When I looked, I wasn’t finicky and I hustled

“Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I searched for a job, I knew my worth but I wasn’t going to not apply because I felt the job wasn’t good enough. I went in to get a job, any job. I knew I was going to climb the ladder anyway. When I moved to France in 1996, I absolutely wanted a job, fast. I saw an add for a position in the largest french magazine publisher in the world. I knew they probably received a thousand letters and I was not going to wait to find out if mine made it to the top. The company was seriously protected (against terrorist attacks). You need to show a badge to get in but I convinced the guards to let me pass.

I got hired as the assistant of an advertising director for a magazine that had just been launched. Why? The recruiter was stunned that I found my way in to her as their offices were moving and, of course…the guards. So I got a job immediately, on the spot, without an interview. She said she had never seen such determination. I really didn’t want to be someone’s assistant when I had just graduated with a Master’s degree but heck, I had a job. I didn’t know anything abut advertising but I was really good in sales. The director got sick and I was asked to sell the ads for the magazine.

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.” –Theodore Roosevelt

I studied day and night to learn everything their was to know about advertising sales. I even took the role of being the magazine editor (not paid for it of course) and did the magazine layout. Within 8 months, I surpassed the year sales’ objectives. Bam! From there on, The VP’s door was always open to me. And if you know the French’s strong hierarchy system, you would know how big that was.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.” –Calvin Coolidge

So there, 5 things I did that made me never get fired or be unemployed. The last one, obviously, is that I have been my own boss for the last 10 years. And I won’t fire myself, I think I am too good at it. I guess I’ll keep myself and maybe give myself a raise 🙂

The 10 tips to find a job.

1- Never say you are desperately looking, begging for help. NEVER EVER. Instead say what you want to receive.

“Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose one of those three options, and you must choose now. Then accept the consequences.” Eckhart Tolle

There is nothing that works least in your favor than telling everyone how long you have been unemployed. People will not feel compassionate (and do you really want pity from a potential employer?). They will question your capacities. Saying “I am the best in my field but been unemployed for 6 months” doesn’t sound real.

Instead of desperate self pity that is absolutely not attractive, say loud and clear what you do want and why you are the best for it. I often see these pity seeking posts from job seekers who explain in depth why they can’t find work without even stating what they do and what they want. What a waste of public visibility.

2- People see what you do all the time. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

“While you are searching for a job, it is a good idea to be on your best behavior.” Judy Smith

Watch how you behave online. Do not criticize, blame, put down, share personal pictures or take political sides. Use social media for one purpose and one only, shine as bright as you can. People always know and people are looking. Even if you don’t see that a recruiter saw your post, they might have. And they might pass on you as a candidate because of your behavior, thoughts, outspokenness. If you piss on the last job you had, chances are the next job will pass the opportunity of being pissed on in the future.

3- Change your profile statement

If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature. Bruce Barton

Instead of writing “looking for a new career opportunity” which is so long and boring. Remember our attention spam is decreasing every day. And on a mobile device we won’t see anything else than “looking for a new…” very boring and a pass at wanting to be linked. Why? Because most of us will immediately think “Oh, boy, another person who will want to take something from me” thinking “without giving me anything of value in return”. Time is our most valued and precious possession and no one wants to waste it.

I hate it when seeing someone looking for “health benefits”. It feels like someone trying to take advantage without having anything to offer.

Make your profile fun and exiting. “Am looking to save more lives” for a lot of professions, that would work and at least get you a double take. “I want to make your business a success”. ” The best … is available for hire now”. Get it? Make it appealing and fun.

Speak of what you offer and not what you want to take away. Don’t sell but makes us want to buy.

I saw this camera man’s profile who stated “I shoot people for fun”. I will remember him for a long time.

4- Use this time wisely

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week. Charles Richards

So, you don’t have a job, we got that. You can cry on your poor life for ever or enjoy these days free from work, especially if you were complaining about the job before you lost it (remember the law of attraction). You might want to look into starting your own company. You might want to take some time off and see if what you were doing really made you happy or if it gives you a great opportunity to walk in a different direction.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Steve Jobs

Enjoy time with your kids and friends. I remember one of my very good friends was looking for a job and I told her exactly that. She understood that it might be the time to rest and prepare for being super busy in the right job. She worked on herself to become a better person. And before she knew it, Bam! She got a job offer that responded to her wildest dreams.

According to the law of attraction, you attract what you focus on the most. If you don’t believe it, fine, it works anyway just like the law of gravity does. If you focus on lack, you will attract more lack. If you focus on all the positive, you will attract more of the positive.

Also, while studying how the brain works, I realized that the more you think a thought, the more you send the command to your brain to find you more of the same. Like if at a control panel, we were signaling what the radar should search for. The brain has a radar and when you think the same thought over and over, this radar will search for similarities. If you think “I don’t have a job, am dying out here, I can’t find work, the money is getting low” guess what the radar will seek for. And if you write it and complain about it, it gets worse.

“Never say anything about yourself you do not want to come true.” –Brian Tracy

5- Be grateful (yeah it’s important)

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey

Which leads me here. If you are not spiritual, realize that gratitude provokes your brain to create endorphin which helps decrease stress, anxiety and depression which climbs when you are jobless.

Under stress, your brain blocks for many reasons too long to explain here. With endorphin, your brain starts working again. You will develop more creative solutions. That will help you be open to more opportunities, see jobs more clearly and find them more easily. And you will be much better in job interviews.

“It’s important that what thoughts you are feeding into your mind because your thoughts create your belief and experiences. You have positive thoughts and you have negative ones too. Nurture your mind with positive thoughts: kindness, empathy, compassion, peace, love, joy, humility, generosity, etc. The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.”  Roy T. Bennett

Take a few moments every day to write down what you are really grateful for. It might be that you are healthy or have a spouse, or are alive. Feel the joy of the gratitude. Fill your lungs with air and as they expand relax. Don’t focus solely on the missing piece of cake but on the whole cake.

“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.” Buddha

6- Learn

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Benjamin Franklin

Yes, take this time to become the best of your field. Or learn a new skill. Or improve yourself, become a better you. Educate yourself. It will open your mind to more and better and therefore you will get better offers…

If you want to learn about the law of attraction or the brain power , I have spent a decade developing these courses for you and offer them for only $47. Together, some 22 hours of audio courses that have helped the lives of thousands of people like you. In any case, learn!

Learn more about yourself and what you really want to be and do.

“Yes, I’ve made a great deal of dough from my fiction, but I never set a single word down on paper with the thought of being paid for it … I have written because it fulfilled me. Maybe it paid off the mortgage on the house and got the kids through college, but those things were on the side—I did it for the buzz. I did it for the pure joy of the thing. And if you can do it for the joy, you can do it forever.” Stephen King

7- Increase the number of connections

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest person in the room: If you’re not someone who people want to be around, you won’t get far.” Melissa Rosenberg

When (and please only when) you have changed the title in your profile, connect to people. Grow your network. Not as a beggar but genuinely talk to people about what you love and connect to find out what they love.

The more people you know, the more someone you know might know of someone needing what you have to offer.

“You get what you want by helping people getting what they want.” Zig zigglar

8- Work somewhere for free

“For it is in giving that we receive.” Francis of Assisi

Why not? You have nothing better to do. Give your time to a charity. Contribute generously with your time. Yes, the more you give, the more you get. It will help improve your self worth and you will stop thinking about your problems while you are there. And you don’t know who you might meet at one of those charities. Remember, everybody ends up finding out and everybody watches.

9- Get involved in association

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” Barack Obama

Find local associations that work in your field and go to their meetings. You might find potential employs. Dress for the part, act the part and look for the part. In any case, you will be “doing” instead of feeling a victim of your circumstances.

10- Get help

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

Seek a mentor. Get a coach. Find a supportive group (not to moan and cry on your pitiful self) to use as a mastermind or energy booster.

When you really need help, people will respond. Sincerity means dropping the image facade and showing a willingness to be vulnerable. Tell it the way it is, lumps and all. Don’t worry if your presentation isn’t perfect; ask from your heart. Keep it simple, and people will open up to you. Jack Canfield

If you find it helpful, please share, comment…