Did you decide to quit smoking or any other addiction?

s there something you can’t think living without? I was addicted to a few: smoking, working and eating.  I used addiction as a way to escape. Escape what? Stress, past hurt that I didn’t know how to deal with, worries about future possibilities. It was a form of self pity, an excuse to play victim, a fake source of short term joy. Continue reading “Did you decide to quit smoking or any other addiction?”

Start the year on the right foot: Be Positive about your life!

Negativity does not only exist in the thoughts although that is the most subtle form of negativity. It also resides in words and actions. We learned earlier how important words are in controlling your destiny. Therefore, there are some major words we should learn to part from such as the ones we used for gossiping, complaining, blaming, swearing, insulting and using sarcasm. Words contain some form of magic. You send a message to the Universe when you talk, a signal, a wave. When you send out a negative wave, you create a negative magic. I believe that speaking negatively is like spitting in the air, not taking into account the law of gravity or sending out a boomerang and not thinking it will make a round circle and come directly back at you. Continue reading “Start the year on the right foot: Be Positive about your life!”

The miraculous story of the appearing plane seat

I was taking the plane to New York City and, as usual, I traveled on stand-by. Traveling this way might be the way that shows the most faith in the Universe. When you are traveling on stand-by, you only get on the plane if seats are available. Some planes are actually overbooked and, sometimes, one ends up waiting for the next available flight. Continue reading “The miraculous story of the appearing plane seat”

I feel grateful – Giving thanks before Thanksgiving

feel compelled on this day to share with you all that my life has blessed me with recently. I share my gratefulness with all of you who will come and read this message so that you feel my positive energy and get inspired to take a minute or two and list below what you feel grateful for. Continue reading “I feel grateful – Giving thanks before Thanksgiving”

Detachment: Let your ego go

There was a time in our life that most of us have forgotten; when we did not care about anything. Mind you, we were fed, put to bed, were only concerned by burping and having our diapers changed. In those early years, there was no “mine”, “yours”, “better”, and “worse”. There was total detachment. The ego did not seem to exist and the love we felt was totally pure, innocent and unconditional. Continue reading “Detachment: Let your ego go”

What would God think

How you ever wondered how God would see us? I often reflect and search for the perspective God would have upon our lives. You can give God other superlatives as: the Universe, the Higher spirit, your higher self, your subconscious mind, God the All mighty… My intention  is not about a philosophical discussion on who God might be but to give you everything you need to live a happy, successful and prosperous life. Continue reading “What would God think”