Helping you write a book or tell your story in a screenplay

Many people are asking for my services in helping them write their book or write a screenplay about a particular story they have. As you may already know, I am a successful entrepreneur who published 34 books about self and business improvement. At times, I finished 6 books in a year which is more than some people in a lifetime. Jack Canfield (the best selling author of the 500 million copies sold of Chicken soup for the soul) told me that he had never met someone who had written as many books as he had. So far, I have won 3 best sellers and 12 awards for Best Original Screenplays.

As a business developer and marketing manager, a business and personal coach, I have helped thousands of people improve their life, business, finances… I created a unique blend of very powerful tools to enable one to reach outrageous goals in a fraction of the time. I combine methods of brain reprogramming, time management, law of attraction, success principles and other methods to holistically improve ones life in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed of before starting. I have seen positive spectacular results every single time.

And yes, I add writing a book to the blend if necessary. If you want to write a book and get it published, know that time is of essence. There is a curb of success you must know when starting. The longer your project lasts, the least chances you have of completing it. 90% of people dream of writing a book and 90% who start do not finish.

The other question you must ask is who are you writing the book for. If you want a book to help you become successful financially, you must do some steps before you start.

I create a $197 12 week step by step course from start to finish to help you finish a book, get it published and be successful with it ( Know that a book can drastically improve your success in business and career if you use it properly. A book is just a start and not an end in itself. You need to fully leverage the potential a book offers you. And that’s why people hire me.

If you are interested in going further in your business or career development or have a book project you want to complete, I can definitely help.

I charge $2700 per month for 3 months to help someone holistically achieve more success and write a book with everything it includes (writing, successful mindset, law of attraction, reprogramming the brain…) That includes an hour skype session as well as unlimited email correspondence. It also includes proofreading and editing a book (which is $3500 separately).

If you feel you have a compelling story to tell that would be a great movie. I do offer screenwriting services as well.

This is how I see your story becoming a movie and all the steps that I believe are needed.

1- We sign an NDA to protect both of us in the exchanges about the movie and other related ideas. At this point, I will ask you to give me a brief summary of the story or synopsis so I can tell you if I feel it has potential and also if I am the right person to write your story.

2- We sign a contract of you hiring me to tell your story. I would basically transform your story into a screenplay. As mentioned, my fee for the moment goes like this: $5,000 upon signing the agreements, $2500 upon receiving first draft and last $2500 upon completion of project.

3- We sign an agreement to “co-author” the movie. This would allow you to benefit from the sale of the rights of the movie, option of the movie or any benefits resulting in producing the movie. In this partnership, we will split 50-50 the revenues from the movie (where 50% is your share of the profits). Since I will be completely involved in selling your project, I feel the need to receive a share of the profits.

Choices will be to either get it optioned (meaning the rights are sold with some discretion to a studio or independent film production company) or I find funding to have the movie produced from A to Z.

Once those are in place, I will do the following.

1- We will have a few phone (or Skype) discussions so that I can get your story in writing.

2- I will write the first draft and send it to you.

3- Once the movie is completely written, I will:

a- List it on all appropriate websites internationally to be visible by potential producers and directors.

b- Contact my current list of contacts to have your movie optioned.

c- Open the door to potential investors who would fund the movie.

d- Place it on all appropriate festivals to get scene and read by professionals in the industry.

e- List it with a literary agent (if necessary).

f- Be in charge of all the details pertaining to your movie.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

I get booked very quickly so time is of essence as usual.

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How one small change or resolution can have a significant impact and what golfing has to do with it

I remember watching Tony Robbins describe what it takes to change the overall performance of a golfer. Basically a millimeter different angle hitting the ball could make it curve and fall in a completely different spot. Therefore, even though the outcome seemed far apart, the element of change was minimal.

The moral of this story is that it doesn’t take a huge change in your life to make a significant change in your life. One small change can have significant repercussions on the long term.

For example, drinking 3 beers a night might not effect your life today but the repercussions in 20 years might be disastrous. Gaining one pound a year is insignificant unless you realize that it will add up to 30 pounds in 30 years.

In my case, I calculated the impact of coffee and I stopped drinking it. Mind you, I stopped alcohol as well (and cigarettes a decade ago).

Let’s take coffee as an example. I drank 3 a day (sometimes went to have on in a corner coffee shop, preferably at the Ritz, because of the view). Let’s calculate cost and effect of that single habit:

I used a single coffee cup maker, average a day = $3 + $5 (for the extra outside coffee a week) = $26 per week

Time to consume coffee spent (not being able to really multi task and focus on both drinking coffee and working) = 2 hours + 2 hours a week at the coffee shop) = 16 hours lost

Yearly, a cost of $1352 and 832 hours (35 days). With that saving, I could literally spend a  month on a Greek Island doing nothing and still be better off. Plus, it takes 32 cups of water to clear out the intake of one cup of coffee…

What about you? What are those small little habits that will have a significant impact in your life, on the long term. It can be as simple as your son’s missed soccer games, spending a hour too long on social media, watching a stupid show on TV, spending that $5 extra dollar a day for no reason.

In other words, you don’t need to make a huge resolutions and fail. Make a small change and keep it up on 21 days. After that, you will have incorporated it in your routine. The best way is to replace an old useless habit by a new helpful one. A habit for a habit. And you will get your whole in one!

Hope this helps. If you need counseling, coaching, help, contact me at My price ain’t cheap but the results aren’t either

Failing to create your goals explained by the Martian theory

The number one reason I see people fail to create goals is because they are afraid they will fail. Most people are afraid to fail because they believe they need to know the entire road to success to place one foot on the road. That’s not the way it works.

Before we go on, if you do not create goals you will either be a “Wanna be”‘ or a “‘has been” and you will probably end of working for someone who wrote their goals and planned them.

My students love it when I use my martian theory because it makes it very understandable.

Imagine a Martian would come down on Earth and meet you. He would ask you his way. The first question you would ask would be (well not the first of course because you would first freak out to see a Martian):

Where do you want to go?

Imagine if the Martian would answer. I will only tell you where am going when you tell me how to get there.

That would sound crazy. You would probably think that it is such a weird Martian.

Yet, you do that all the time. As soon as you fear setting a goal (a destination for your life) because you don’t know how (the way) to get there; you act like that Martian.

The only way to give you a map of the road, is to first know the address.

Your brain acts like a gps, a very clever and sophisticated one. If you know you current location (your present situation, where you start) and EXACTLY the address (the clear goal you want to achieve), your brain will give you the road map to get there. The <<how<< can never come before the <<where<<

And. the bigger your reasons to achieving that goal (the more and greater the motivation), the more fuel in your car to get there really fast, past all the obstacles and road detours.

Jack Canfield speaks of driving on a dark road with only your head lights on. You know that the road will somehow lead you where you want to go but you can only see 200 feet ahead of your feet. Don’t try to figure out step 682 when you are only at step 2.

Imagine it as a game of chess. You cannot figure out the 10th move of you or your opponent. You are amazing if you can figure 3 or 4.

Stop stopping yourself with the <<how<<. Figure out precisely what is your <<what<<, <<when<< and <<why<<

If you need an expert to get you to reach your goals faster, I do take on 3 clients a month for 3 to 6 months coaching. Contact me at

Bigger than Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars #Gatewaytohellmovie

I love it when people call me delusional. Then, I watch as their jaw drops when I do what I say I was going to do and become who I say as I was going to become!

I know that my trilogy Angels vs Demons (there will be more than 3 parts) will soon come to life bigger than Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. I have made a list of the actors I want in it.

Archangels: Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman

Five Protagonists: Josh Herdman, Miles Teller, Ana Ames, Jeremy Renner, (leading woman role TBD)

When I started, I asked what I needed to do to sell my scripts. Someone told me: win awards. So I won and still winning awards. Now, I know I don’t want to sell my script but be part of this mega dream production.

I am kind of the next JK Rowling, in a way, but different. My trilogy will appeal to many generations. Touching a nerve that no one touched before: What if Archangel’s were warriors and they fought Demons to death. What if God and the Devil made a pact in which they would create a duality within us and give us free will to chose between God and Lucifer inside us? What if Lucifer cheated and broke the deal, deciding to bring darkness upon our world and that would be the reason for all the negativity, the wars, corruption… What if God would send Archangels on Earth, once again to train 5 humans, give them special powers to defeat Lucifer in Hell.

A movie where we touch subjects of faith, good vs evil forces fighting inside us and outside. Wars and battlefields between armies or archangels and angels, and demons, gargoyles, werewolves.

When I also get a publisher to publish Angels vs Demons, it will be a hoot. I see my Linkedin description changing to “Oscar winner and NY Times Best Seller”

I can’t tell you how but I know it, it feels so true and real.

Call me crazy and delusional, I love it! Call me as were called all the visionaries, inventors, those who made history. It is happening, the universe is rearranging itself right now so that my story about Angels can shine! It is so big, bigger than Harry Potter!

You can call me crazy or support it, be part of it, help it, contribute, share, talk about it, comment.

Before Lucas films was what it is George Lucas was an ordinary guy with spaceships in his mind. Before Harry Potter came to life, JK Rowling was a woman with this magician in her head.

My head is filled with Angels and Demons fighting to save or take on our lives. Be part of the movement with the first movie #Gatewaytohellmovie

To catch a Big Fish… 3 success lessons

I watched as two men were fishing, standing next to each other, almost touching. It was such an amazing experience of lessons of success right there, for all to see. I probably watched for an hour and this is what happened…

The first guy (kinda older, quiet, doing his thing) was catching fish after fish. They were small, for what a fisherman would consider “a good catch worth bragging about”, possibly 6 inches each. He would quietly unhook them and place them in his bucket. I mean, he was catching fish. Every time he put his line in the water, boom, a fish would come out and…into the bucket. He wouldn’t throw far, he wouldn’t smile or talk. Just fish. No one really paid attention to him.

The other guy (younger, the wanna be trendy type) was watched by everyone. It was a spectacle to see him fish. He would take his time to throw the line really far with a huge movement of the hips, asking all to step aside so he wouldn’t hook anyone by mistake. He would sometimes comment on the other guys catches saying that they were kind of small. He would wait and Bam, every single time, I mean every single time, he would catch a fish. A big big fish. And he would yell and get all exited, people would start filming, (I am not even exaggerating), looking over his shoulder as he brought the huge fish in and Bam (I use this word, because the sound can be easily recognizable with what is about to follow), so Bam, every single time, the line would brake. He would lose the fish and every one would be super disappointed. Apart for one guy, the other guy, who would not say a thing and would continue fishing and pilling into his bucket, the small yet decent fish.

What’s the moral?

1- When you want to catch a big fish, get a descent size line! In other words, be ready for the size of reward you want by committing to the work it involves.

2- Shut up! In other words, before you are successful, don’t start bragging. And shut up! After you are successful, stay humble.

3- If you don’t know how to fish, get an expert to teach you instead of hurting the poor fish. In other words, get a coach to help you instead of wasting everyone’s time with your mistakes.

It was an amazing sight! If you need an expert help or advice, I am here for you.

”Happy New Year sweetheart” excerpt from Einstein’s wife: the story of Mileva Maric

”This is going to be huge! 1900 imagine!” she exclaimed to William

She wants the whole world to hear her enthusiastic hopes for the years to come. She is certain that the nineteen hundreds will bring great improvements to the women condition. She is already hearing about women’ emancipation in some closed groups. Soon, women would be considered equal to men and would have the same opportunities. ”Soon” she thinks. ”It has to happen soon”. She doesn’t want to wait any longer.

”When it happens, my work will be regarded for what it really is and not as the hysteria of a spoiled brat, as they say. As soon as we enter the new year, everything will change. Perhaps, even William will ask me out”. Her thoughts are interrupted by William’s interjection.

”Yes, hey look who’s here, your friend…”

Albert walks directly up to William and punches him in the face. William takes the blow, surprised, falls on the floor and getting ready to hit back but Mileva stands in front of the two men.

”Stop, please stop!” Mileva cries out

”You will have to choose Mileva!” adds an angered Albert

”Chose what Albert? We are just friends, nothing more! I thought she was with you!” William answers holding his aching cheek

”What?” Mileva tears up. ”What do you mean? I love you William!”

Albert gets ready to hit William again. William hold a hand up.

”L…wait Albert. No. We are just friends sweetheart.”

Turning to a discombobulated Mileva, he adds ”I don’t share those feelings, am so sorry…”

Mileva pushes William and Albert and runs between them towards the door into the school’s hallway. She’s crying and hurting as if a jacked edged knife just tore her heart wide opened.

She cannot believe what just happened. She wants to think it is a nightmare and she is going to wake up any second. The cold air of Vienna’s night hits her in the face. In a similar manner, reality just punched her colorful dreams right out of her mind.

She stops and leans against a wall. Her mind is running wild as she remembers the faces staring at her, the fingers pointing towards her disgrace. She had thrown herself on a man who didn’t feel anything for her. She had made a spectacle of herself in front of everyone. If her father hears of her misconduct, she will definitely be banned from going to school again.

Mileva cries, hoping that a sudden catastrophe would take her out of her misery. She turns her head and sees a heavily breathing Albert standing next to her.

”Please leave me alone Albert, please” Mileva pleads crying her eyes out. ”I want to die right now” she adds in utter shame and embarrassment.

Albert first tries a joking approach.

”I hit that guy for no reason, imagine how I feel?”

He smiles and adds

”I might get expelled”

Mileva doesn’t smile, answer or move. She is petrified by her agony. She would love William to be there comforting her, not Albert. She admits, Albert is always there for her. But he scares her. She feels too tired and devastated to think.

A few moments go by. Mileva shakes as her thin dress cannot protect her from the winter air nor from the guilt she feels inside. Albert removes his jacket and covers her with it. He becomes very serious and offers his feelings as a balm to her wounds.

”I love you, I love you Mileva.”

Mileva pushes Albert back and tries to escape but he grabs her arms and stops her from moving.

”Stop it. Do you hear me? Calm down, you have to calm down. I love you. I always loved you.”

Mileva calms down as Albert hugs her tightly. He kisses her forehead and she relaxes into his warm arms.

”Come on, come with me. I’ll make you feel better.” Albert adds leading the way as they walk out into the streets full of snow and festivities.

People are celebrating all around them. Many intoxicated men. A few prostitutes trying to get a client or two. A couple running late to a party. The trolley bus passing in a hurry as carriage run through the streets.

Albert holds Mileva tight wanting to warm her up and make her love him back. His anger got the better of him as he saw Mileva flirting with his competitor. He always found him lame, feeble, almost feminine in his ways. He could not understand what Mileva saw in him. Of course, he came from a wealthy family just like she did. Nonetheless, Albert felt that he was a real man, the kind of man a strong woman like Mileva needed. He would find a way to make her his, no matter what it took. Feeling her vulnerable body close to his, after seeing her dress rip as she ran off, Albert starts feeling aroused.

He opens a door to a tinny room filled with books of all kinds (mostly science and mathematics), some on his bed. He leads a confused freezing Mileva in. She looks around her and notices the small bedside table overloaded with more books. In one corner, a small wood fire stove with a cast iron pot and some dirty dishes makes the most of his kitchen.

Albert moves the books from the bed to the floor. He removes his coat from Mileva’s shoulder and puts it on top of his pile of clothes… He lights up the stove. Pointing to the bed, he invites Mileva to sit down.

”I think it would be better for me to go.” Mileva replies looking a the claustrophobic kind of environment

”Come on Mileva, what would your parents say? You would probably mess up their party and would have to explain yourself. Come on sit. Have a drink. It is New Year’s eve after all. We should celebrate the new Millennium.”

Albert pulls out a bottle from underneath a small pile of clothes and finds a couple of cups on top of his wardrobe… He pours some alcohol in each glass and gives one to Mileva. As she pics it, he toasts and helps her sit on the bed. She resists and then agrees, drinking.

”I made such a fool of myself.” Mileva weeps

Look Mileva. It doesn’t matter. I do love you you know that. I always loved you…”

Albert moves some hair from Mileva’s face and caresses her neck. She let’s him. She feels tired and slightly inebriated not accustomed to drinking hard liquor. Albert fills up her glass and lifts it up to her lips.

”This will make you feel better. I want to make you happy.”

He caresses her face. She drinks some more. He takes her cup and puts it on the floor. She feels dizzy. He approaches to kiss her. She let’s him. His kisses become more passionate. He caresses her dress, holding her breast, he pushes her back on the bed. He moves on top of her.

”Albert no, I don’t feel it is appropriate. Please stop.”

She tries pushing him off but he is too heavy and she is too drunk. She has no strength left in her body and Albert is not listening. He stops her from talking by kissing her deeply. He moves her dress up and unbuttons his pants. He gets in her passionately, kissing her lips. He moves a few times and comes inside her rapidly.

Mileva’s mind is lost in a flow of drunken thoughts. She is saddened and angry. She feels betrayed. Albert kisses her forehead and caresses her hair. She doesn’t have the strength to push him away. He is happy. He made her his and she will have to love him back. According to him, they will marry and she will support his research.

”Happy New Year sweetheart”.

Mileva looks up at the ceiling, silent.

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Blueprint to write a book and get it published in a nick of time

Did you know that writing and publishing a book is THE fastest way for your business to get more clients and exposure? Did you know that by publishing a book, you immediately become ”the expert” in your field, meaning you will be searched out more for your services and you can charge more for them? Did you know that 90% of people desire to write a book but only a few actually do it?

Numerous people have asked me how I got so fast into being so popular in selling books that I got 6 books published this year (two second editions), plus receiving contracts for 5 more books to be published in 2017. I was a nobody 4 years ago when I first contacted my first publisher. Today, they come to me for more.

Alright, I do write fast. And, not everyone can produce that much. I give you that. But many have asked how to I start writing, or how to I finish my book, or how to I sell it and make money with it?

I spent a year developing a web class to help you in that regards. It is a 12 step (easy to follow) course that offers the entire blueprint of how to be successful as an author. From finding a subject that will sell to getting it published to finding an agent or a publishing company to marketing yourself and your book.

I cover everything one needs to know. More than that, I teach you how to do that in 90 days or less. 12 steps in 12 weeks. Many people whom I have personally coached on how to write and publish their book could not believe it could be done in that amount of time. Many thought, you needed months, years… That’s where most people fail.

Your motivation to complete a book will decrease with time spent on it. The more time, the less energy you have to finish. Therefore, you need to have it done fast, especially the first one so you can finish it. Most people do not finish their work because they lack the enthusiasm. My program teaches you how to keep being motivated.

The web platform I use is very easy. You simply log in and follow the steps described. One step a a time and, suddenly, your book is completed, without you feeling the ”pain” of writing.

I have reduced the price to the full 90 days online class from $997 to $297 to allow more people to take advantage of it.

Please read the information here and ”Happy writing”.

Become a published author made easy special webinar

You all do this and it might cost you A LOT!

I used to be very sensitive to critiques and advice. As soon as someone said something about what I was doing wrong (or right), I used to listen carefully and, even, take action upon the advice given positive or negative.

It cost me a lot of money and time and this is why it is costing you too! here are some questions you might want to answer:

How much does your financial adviser earn? Is he or she wealthy? They know about your finances, do you know about theirs?

How much knowledge or expertise or success does the last person who gave you have on that subject?

Is your marital adviser, divorced?

Is your accountant broke?

Did your college graduate MBA teacher become successful in managing a business or is he or she only been a teacher?

Is your coach successful? Any coach. I see so many obese fitness coaches… fascinating.

Do you listen to your relatives about anything (positive or negative) even though they have no knowledge or experience in the matter, just because they are your relatives (who you should date, where you should live, how much money you should make and how, your limits to certain degree of success…)


Before you take action on someone’s critique, comment, advice, positive reinforcement,etc ask:

How long have you been doing it, how good are you. what proof do you have to show for?

If someone gives me criticism on a book or screenplay am writing about, I will ask: How long have you been writing, how many best sellers do you have since when?

And the answers will determine how much consideration I give to the advice.

Not much to a ”has been” as in ”I had an award fifteen years ago”, ”I am overweight now but I used to be an Olympic finalist back in the day”.

Or to a long term ”loser” (sorry for the terminology but I searched for the opposite of winner) such as ”I have been in business 40 years…yeah, it’s tough out there, the circumstances ya know, the economy ya know, but soon…” that’s the ”I know better because I am older or been doing it for longer” nonsence you want to avoid

Or a nobody (even parents can be nobodies when it comes to advice) such as ”just because I say so, because I love you, because I want what is best for you, because I never made it…” or ”I just know it”, ”no never been married”,  ”never got to that level of achievement but…”

Conclusion conclusion

The best if you want to be great, a winner, a successful achiever is to only accept advice and praise from the best, the greatest, the ones greater than you. And help the others if you can and want to.


Happy Archangel Michael’s feast!

November 21,the feast day of the Synaxis of Archangel Michael

Many people believe that angels are God’s messengers at work in the world today. That’s why we call them angels on earth. Many faiths tell us that each human being is given an angel at birth, one whose responsibility it is to guard, protect and guide us through life. These guardian angels communicate through dreams, whispers in our soul and sometimes through others.

In the New Testament, Jesus was ministered to by his guardian angel in the Garden of Gethsemane. Angels are God’s messengers. In the Bible, heavenly angels often bring good news—it was an angel that told Mary she would give birth to Christ.

The word “ angel” actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means “messenger.”

Today marks a celebration of joy, peace, freedom and love in many nations around the globe.

We rarely share good news and messages of hope. Why not share this one.

Even a lot of atheist still have the inner sense that angels might be among us 🙂

Do you feel stuck in your problems?

No matter what your current results are – the reality is, everyone gets stuck from time to time, it is inevitable and frustrating …

So, whether you’re stuck at a desk job you don’t love, stuck at 6 figures, stuck at expanding and deepening your relationships, or you’re simply not experiencing the joy and success you want … you’re not alone, AND you don’t have to stay stuck. You have a choice! You have the power to make things different.

I want to encourage you to pause and ask yourself these questions …

Do you ever feel like you are worth more than you’re currently earning?

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day?

Do you ever feel like you have a greater purpose than the path you’re currently on?

If you answered ”yes” to any of these questions, you might need my help.

We often cannot tell the forest from the tree or the solution from our problems when we are too close to them. Also, as we need a mechanic for when our car brakes down or needs a tune up; successful individuals seek coaches to leap forward towards success.

No one does it alone. The most successful athletes and entrepreneurs hire a coach to get them to the next step and I could encourage you to do the same. The investment you place in education with a specialist and a coach will reap rewards.

When you fear spending for your personal or business improvement on the short term, you pay a much higher price on the long term. Wasting time, energy and valuable personal resources hitting your head against the wrong wall. How long? How much do you lose?

Time can never be bought back and one wrong decision can cost you much more than you can imagine. You know what I am talking about. We have all been there.

I have spent close to 2 decades helping entrepreneurs succeed in business. I want to help you by coaching you to success.

Success is a mind game, a spiritual transformation and a technical tactical knowing. It is founded on self esteem, time management and goal setting.

If you are ready to get ”Un-stuck”, you need to contact me and get moving faster towards your success.

I coach people from 3 months (not a year because my results are much faster than anybody else’s).

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