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Many people are asking for my services in helping them write their book or write a screenplay about a particular story they have. As you may already know, I am a successful entrepreneur who published 34 books about self and business improvement. At times, I finished 6 books in a year which is more than some people in a lifetime. Jack Canfield (the best selling author of the 500 million copies sold of Chicken soup for the soul) told me that he had never met someone who had written as many books as he had. So far, I have won 3 best sellers and 12 awards for Best Original Screenplays.

As a business developer and marketing manager, a business and personal coach, I have helped thousands of people improve their life, business, finances… I created a unique blend of very powerful tools to enable one to reach outrageous goals in a fraction of the time. I combine methods of brain reprogramming, time management, law of attraction, success principles and other methods to holistically improve ones life in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed of before starting. I have seen positive spectacular results every single time.

And yes, I add writing a book to the blend if necessary. If you want to write a book and get it published, know that time is of essence. There is a curb of success you must know when starting. The longer your project lasts, the least chances you have of completing it. 90% of people dream of writing a book and 90% who start do not finish.

The other question you must ask is who are you writing the book for. If you want a book to help you become successful financially, you must do some steps before you start.

I create a $197 12 week step by step course from start to finish to help you finish a book, get it published and be successful with it ( Know that a book can drastically improve your success in business and career if you use it properly. A book is just a start and not an end in itself. You need to fully leverage the potential a book offers you. And that’s why people hire me.

If you are interested in going further in your business or career development or have a book project you want to complete, I can definitely help.

I charge $2700 per month for 3 months to help someone holistically achieve more success and write a book with everything it includes (writing, successful mindset, law of attraction, reprogramming the brain…) That includes an hour skype session as well as unlimited email correspondence. It also includes proofreading and editing a book (which is $3500 separately).

If you feel you have a compelling story to tell that would be a great movie. I do offer screenwriting services as well.

This is how I see your story becoming a movie and all the steps that I believe are needed.

1- We sign an NDA to protect both of us in the exchanges about the movie and other related ideas. At this point, I will ask you to give me a brief summary of the story or synopsis so I can tell you if I feel it has potential and also if I am the right person to write your story.

2- We sign a contract of you hiring me to tell your story. I would basically transform your story into a screenplay. As mentioned, my fee for the moment goes like this: $5,000 upon signing the agreements, $2500 upon receiving first draft and last $2500 upon completion of project.

3- We sign an agreement to “co-author” the movie. This would allow you to benefit from the sale of the rights of the movie, option of the movie or any benefits resulting in producing the movie. In this partnership, we will split 50-50 the revenues from the movie (where 50% is your share of the profits). Since I will be completely involved in selling your project, I feel the need to receive a share of the profits.

Choices will be to either get it optioned (meaning the rights are sold with some discretion to a studio or independent film production company) or I find funding to have the movie produced from A to Z.

Once those are in place, I will do the following.

1- We will have a few phone (or Skype) discussions so that I can get your story in writing.

2- I will write the first draft and send it to you.

3- Once the movie is completely written, I will:

a- List it on all appropriate websites internationally to be visible by potential producers and directors.

b- Contact my current list of contacts to have your movie optioned.

c- Open the door to potential investors who would fund the movie.

d- Place it on all appropriate festivals to get scene and read by professionals in the industry.

e- List it with a literary agent (if necessary).

f- Be in charge of all the details pertaining to your movie.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

I get booked very quickly so time is of essence as usual.

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