A great way to close more sales even when you are not in sales


This article concerns us all as we are always selling something even if not a sales professional. As soon as you want your point heard, contract signed, film produced, book read, date to call back, you are selling.

This technique is so simple and yet so efficient it may double your closing rate (or improve the relationships you currently have)

It’s the 5-5 written analysis.

Every time you end a meeting with anyone, spend 5-10 minutes answering these 2 simple questions:

1- What are the 5 things I could have improved? (ex: listening more, giving the other silence so they can think and reply, thinking about their objections before dismissing them…)

2- What are the 5 things I did well? (ex: tone of voice, presentation, made them laugh…)

By writing the answers, you will help your brain learn faster and your behavior will adjust at every single meeting which will make you exponentially improve your rate of success.

Most people have a tendency to beat themselves up if a meeting doesn’t end up as planned. By doing so, the brain only registers the negative therefore increasing the probabilities of you repeating the same mistake.

Trying next time you go on a date, meet a real estate client, talk to a potential partner, talk to your kids, …

Please let me know how it goes and share the knowledge.

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