Job seekers, this one small change can improve your chances of getting hired.

Unemployment Workers.

This article is helpful for most people (employed or unemployed) on Linkedin as I see this mistake so often. The change is so simple and silly that most people don’t think about it. Yet, when you make it, you will notice the difference.

Linkedin is obviously a place to network and create new connections. Why do we want those? To increase our circle of influence, know someone who knows the someone we need to know, find a job, get a new client, …

In the regular world, we have about 30 seconds to one minute before the other person has a long lasting impression in their minds of the image we projected that very moment. We can change the effect we want to give depending on the person we meet.

In the fast pace social media world in which most of us live, we have about a fraction of a millisecond to make a good impression on that person. That impression is based on solely 2 criteria : your profile picture and your title. That’s it.

Imagine having a million books to read. You would not open each book and read its summary. You would check the cover, read the title. If those two appeal to you, you will try to find out more about the subject. On Linkedin, you need to be aware that you are your book cover, your own ad.

The worse for a job seeker is: to have no picture and write “job seeker” or “looking for new opportunities” in your title. Why?

1- The question about the picture is obvious : we are surrounded by scammers and the first step in trusting someone is seeing his face.

2- If you write “job seeker”, you appear as someone who lacks and not someone who offers anything. The first impression is “He has no job.”

Secondly, no one knows what you do. The person needing your services might not even look at your profile because they will not look at every “Job seeker’s profile.

If, on the contrary, you write “I am a deal closer and want to work for an outstanding real estate company”. “Experienced IT manager, contact to hire: with your email” ; ”Service is my middle name and I want to work for you”…

What does that say? Do you see how that changes it all?

Pay attention to those two small details and you will see a difference in the quality of people you connect with here. Remember your title is made for others to know you in a split of a second.

And lastly. Dare to connect. The more people you know, the better chances of giving what others need and getting what you want.

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