How one small change or resolution can have a significant impact and what golfing has to do with it


I remember watching Tony Robbins describe what it takes to change the overall performance of a golfer. Basically a millimeter different angle hitting the ball could make it curve and fall in a completely different spot. Therefore, even though the outcome seemed far apart, the element of change was minimal.

The moral of this story is that it doesn’t take a huge change in your life to make a significant change in your life. One small change can have significant repercussions on the long term.

For example, drinking 3 beers a night might not effect your life today but the repercussions in 20 years might be disastrous. Gaining one pound a year is insignificant unless you realize that it will add up to 30 pounds in 30 years.

In my case, I calculated the impact of coffee and I stopped drinking it. Mind you, I stopped alcohol as well (and cigarettes a decade ago).

Let’s take coffee as an example. I drank 3 a day (sometimes went to have on in a corner coffee shop, preferably at the Ritz, because of the view). Let’s calculate cost and effect of that single habit:

I used a single coffee cup maker, average a day = $3 + $5 (for the extra outside coffee a week) = $26 per week

Time to consume coffee spent (not being able to really multi task and focus on both drinking coffee and working) = 2 hours + 2 hours a week at the coffee shop) = 16 hours lost

Yearly, a cost of $1352 and 832 hours (35 days). With that saving, I could literally spend a ┬ámonth on a Greek Island doing nothing and still be better off. Plus, it takes 32 cups of water to clear out the intake of one cup of coffee…

What about you? What are those small little habits that will have a significant impact in your life, on the long term. It can be as simple as your son’s missed soccer games, spending a hour too long on social media, watching a stupid show on TV, spending that $5 extra dollar a day for no reason.

In other words, you don’t need to make a huge resolutions and fail. Make a small change and keep it up on 21 days. After that, you will have incorporated it in your routine. The best way is to replace an old useless habit by a new helpful one. A habit for a habit. And you will get your whole in one!

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