2016 achievements


Before even writing next year’s goals, it is always very important to come back and see last year’s achievements. In my case:

  • 6 books published, one being for “the Dummies collection” which was felt as a great success. 2 books as 2nd editions which is always a good sign, one in Italian which feels great.
  • 5 books titles pre-ordered by my publisher which means I am in demand and that feels awesome.
  • 8 awards for my original screenplays. A great success since I started learning how to write them in June 2016 and my goal was to learn the process, do it and be successful at it.
  • Surviving an illness that almost ripped me from this life. I feel blessed that I was in good enough shape to live through it and come out of it alive.
  • Getting rid of 3 inches off my waist line, a great start to getting back in shape.
  • Approached by 4 literary agents. That is really a success as 6 years ago, I was refused by 400.
  • Moving to LA and back. I wanted to see how it felt to live in that big city. Now, I know.
  • Some fantastic trips. Starting scuba diving again after many years was really amazing in Key Largo. Spending one week in the Grand Canyon and visiting its beauty daily.
  • 6 months without any alcohol consumption. Wanted to get rid of that habit and now, it is done.
  • Reaching a goal of at least $30,000 income per month on one website.

Hope your 2016 was as successful as mine. And wish that 2017 is even more amazing!!!

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