Blueprint to write a book and get it published in a nick of time

Did you know that writing and publishing a book is THE fastest way for your business to get more clients and exposure? Did you know that by publishing a book, you immediately become ”the expert” in your field, meaning you will be searched out more for your services and you can charge more for them? Did you know that 90% of people desire to write a book but only a few actually do it?

Numerous people have asked me how I got so fast into being so popular in selling books that I got 6 books published this year (two second editions), plus receiving contracts for 5 more books to be published in 2017. I was a nobody 4 years ago when I first contacted my first publisher. Today, they come to me for more.

Alright, I do write fast. And, not everyone can produce that much. I give you that. But many have asked how to I start writing, or how to I finish my book, or how to I sell it and make money with it?

I spent a year developing a web class to help you in that regards. It is a 12 step (easy to follow) course that offers the entire blueprint of how to be successful as an author. From finding a subject that will sell to getting it published to finding an agent or a publishing company to marketing yourself and your book.

I cover everything one needs to know. More than that, I teach you how to do that in 90 days or less. 12 steps in 12 weeks. Many people whom I have personally coached on how to write and publish their book could not believe it could be done in that amount of time. Many thought, you needed months, years… That’s where most people fail.

Your motivation to complete a book will decrease with time spent on it. The more time, the less energy you have to finish. Therefore, you need to have it done fast, especially the first one so you can finish it. Most people do not finish their work because they lack the enthusiasm. My program teaches you how to keep being motivated.

The web platform I use is very easy. You simply log in and follow the steps described. One step a a time and, suddenly, your book is completed, without you feeling the ”pain” of writing.

I have reduced the price to the full 90 days online class from $997 to $297 to allow more people to take advantage of it.

Please read the information here and ”Happy writing”.

Become a published author made easy special webinar

You all do this and it might cost you A LOT!

I used to be very sensitive to critiques and advice. As soon as someone said something about what I was doing wrong (or right), I used to listen carefully and, even, take action upon the advice given positive or negative.

It cost me a lot of money and time and this is why it is costing you too! here are some questions you might want to answer:

How much does your financial adviser earn? Is he or she wealthy? They know about your finances, do you know about theirs?

How much knowledge or expertise or success does the last person who gave you have on that subject?

Is your marital adviser, divorced?

Is your accountant broke?

Did your college graduate MBA teacher become successful in managing a business or is he or she only been a teacher?

Is your coach successful? Any coach. I see so many obese fitness coaches… fascinating.

Do you listen to your relatives about anything (positive or negative) even though they have no knowledge or experience in the matter, just because they are your relatives (who you should date, where you should live, how much money you should make and how, your limits to certain degree of success…)


Before you take action on someone’s critique, comment, advice, positive reinforcement,etc ask:

How long have you been doing it, how good are you. what proof do you have to show for?

If someone gives me criticism on a book or screenplay am writing about, I will ask: How long have you been writing, how many best sellers do you have since when?

And the answers will determine how much consideration I give to the advice.

Not much to a ”has been” as in ”I had an award fifteen years ago”, ”I am overweight now but I used to be an Olympic finalist back in the day”.

Or to a long term ”loser” (sorry for the terminology but I searched for the opposite of winner) such as ”I have been in business 40 years…yeah, it’s tough out there, the circumstances ya know, the economy ya know, but soon…” that’s the ”I know better because I am older or been doing it for longer” nonsence you want to avoid

Or a nobody (even parents can be nobodies when it comes to advice) such as ”just because I say so, because I love you, because I want what is best for you, because I never made it…” or ”I just know it”, ”no never been married”,  ”never got to that level of achievement but…”

Conclusion conclusion

The best if you want to be great, a winner, a successful achiever is to only accept advice and praise from the best, the greatest, the ones greater than you. And help the others if you can and want to.


Happy Archangel Michael’s feast!

November 21,the feast day of the Synaxis of Archangel Michael

Many people believe that angels are God’s messengers at work in the world today. That’s why we call them angels on earth. Many faiths tell us that each human being is given an angel at birth, one whose responsibility it is to guard, protect and guide us through life. These guardian angels communicate through dreams, whispers in our soul and sometimes through others.

In the New Testament, Jesus was ministered to by his guardian angel in the Garden of Gethsemane. Angels are God’s messengers. In the Bible, heavenly angels often bring good news—it was an angel that told Mary she would give birth to Christ.

The word “ angel” actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means “messenger.”

Today marks a celebration of joy, peace, freedom and love in many nations around the globe.

We rarely share good news and messages of hope. Why not share this one.

Even a lot of atheist still have the inner sense that angels might be among us 🙂

Do you feel stuck in your problems?

No matter what your current results are – the reality is, everyone gets stuck from time to time, it is inevitable and frustrating …

So, whether you’re stuck at a desk job you don’t love, stuck at 6 figures, stuck at expanding and deepening your relationships, or you’re simply not experiencing the joy and success you want … you’re not alone, AND you don’t have to stay stuck. You have a choice! You have the power to make things different.

I want to encourage you to pause and ask yourself these questions …

Do you ever feel like you are worth more than you’re currently earning?

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day?

Do you ever feel like you have a greater purpose than the path you’re currently on?

If you answered ”yes” to any of these questions, you might need my help.

We often cannot tell the forest from the tree or the solution from our problems when we are too close to them. Also, as we need a mechanic for when our car brakes down or needs a tune up; successful individuals seek coaches to leap forward towards success.

No one does it alone. The most successful athletes and entrepreneurs hire a coach to get them to the next step and I could encourage you to do the same. The investment you place in education with a specialist and a coach will reap rewards.

When you fear spending for your personal or business improvement on the short term, you pay a much higher price on the long term. Wasting time, energy and valuable personal resources hitting your head against the wrong wall. How long? How much do you lose?

Time can never be bought back and one wrong decision can cost you much more than you can imagine. You know what I am talking about. We have all been there.

I have spent close to 2 decades helping entrepreneurs succeed in business. I want to help you by coaching you to success.

Success is a mind game, a spiritual transformation and a technical tactical knowing. It is founded on self esteem, time management and goal setting.

If you are ready to get ”Un-stuck”, you need to contact me and get moving faster towards your success.

I coach people from 3 months (not a year because my results are much faster than anybody else’s).

Reach out now, as I only take 3 clients a month maximum, by sending me a message at slavica (@)

Free Online Training Event… “How to change your life using the law of attraction effectively in a powerful way”

” Hello Slavica
I just watched your video, I did the practical exercises you give and I realize that I was wrong in what I thought in the past. I also realized I can start creating the life of my dreams. I wrote 3 pages. I got much more clarity.

I love it and I start on my change.
Thank you, thank you and thank you ” *


What you will learn:

  • How to get rid of your negative thoughts?
  • How to quickly change your situation and learn to get out of your problems?
  • How to feel happier and less stressed right now no matter what your circumstances are?
  • How to become stronger through your fears?
  • And much more

Immediate results:

  • More clarity in your vision and what you really want
  • More well being and relief
  • You will feel better and more in control
  • You will have more creative solutions in mind
  • You will be more in control of your fears
  • And much more

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Famous author of over 30 books including 3 Best Sellers on the Law of Attraction, translated in 5 languages world wide. Interviewed on various TV channels. Articles of reference in magazines such as Psychology, Capital Health and Yoga Spirit. Friend of famous authors such as Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield of the film ‘The Secret’.


Testimonial from Jack Canfield

Slavica Bogdanov gets you to where you are to where you want to be!

Jack Canfield, from the movie ‘The Secret’ and author of the Success Principles the ” Chicken Soup for the Soul ”series which sold over 500 million copies.

Slavica Bogdanov has created a unique and detailed instruction manual for the day to day successes you will achieve as you reach your financial goals.

Joe Vitale from The Secret

Slavica puts you in charge of your future by giving you the power to achieve abundance and find happiness at the same time. If you’re looking for practical and spiritual direction to wealth, this book is for you. (on the book <<Money Power<<)

Loral Langemeier Best selling author of The Millionaire Maker

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Business opportunity to be part of a successful online business

This opportunity will not last long so please read or share.

Attractitude is an online self help business I launched 3 years ago in the French countries and which has been doing really great.

I want to develop the same web business in other countries (non English or French speaking) in order to bring success tools to as many people as possible.

I am offering licensing deals (one per country) to receive my blueprint of a successful online business. You can basically learn all it takes to make it work, work from home and earn a lot (I mean a lot) of money helping others live successful lives.

What it takes is:

1- Knowing about sales, marketing, PR (I do help yo but I need someone who already has knowledge in business development)

2- Being fluent in the language of the country

3- Loving self development, being passionate about helping others.

4-The money to start it. The licensing fee is normally $25,000 but I am ready to offer a $10,000 vendor take back (meaning I loan you the $10,000 missing and it is repaid via sales and profits)

5- Being able to work in a partnership as we will be 50-50 partners.

I would like to have at least 10 more countries open by the end of 2017. If you do not feel this is for you, share this message as it might be for someone you know.

You can read more information here:

Remember, only one person per country.

This is a unique ”one in a lifetime” opportunity to help a lot of people and make money at home.

You might unknowingly be suffering from ”Silent Desperation” and how to heal from it?

I met a man once who seemed to have everything one could ever want: A beautiful quarter of a million dollar sailboat, a younger beautiful smart fit wife, a beautiful (I know I keep on saying beautiful, read on) house in the Mountains…

He drank a lot even if he said he didn’t. But I noticed. He used to open more after the third drink and, one day, he admitted it. He named his illness ”silent desperation” and I understood exactly what it was,

Silent desperation is having everything everyone would think represents the perfect life, and yet, at the same time, feeling a tremendous void which seems impossible to fill. And, because you possess all the obvious wants and needs, you have to shut up about your pain. Because, really, who is going to take you seriously? You will hear people say ”are you actually complaining?” or ‘,what the heck is your problem, you got it all?”…

And yet, your pain is real. If, at this point, you are not suffering from ”silent desperation”, still read on and share this post for those who are.

In the case of Mr. X, he tried to avoid or heal or escape his SDS (Silent Desperation Syndrome) by cheating on his wife, travelling a lot, buying and spending money to compensate for some pain he couldn’t put the finger on, drinking and feeling sad. A sadness that seemed incurable.

What was the problem, really? It took me a while but I figured out not only the ”what” and ”why” but the “how” to cure it. (did you share the article yet? It would be a good time now)

By the way, SDS appears at any age. Maybe your kids have it

The what and why:

1- A lack of self esteem. If you don’t love yourself enough (and 90% of people lack of it), nothing in the world will fill that inner void. You will end up sabotaging your life, drinking or taking drugs to numb the pain you feel, a pain that seemed to have always been there.

2- Guilt.  It start with feeling ashamed and not knowing why. The guilt is rooted deep because it comes from a feeling of ”I must have done something wrong” to not be loved enough and not feel like I am enough.  The guilt leads to 2 consequences: you will get angry and very sensitive when someone says or does something that reminds you that you are supposedly ”not good enough”. Secondly, you will create circumstances that make you feel guilty because it is an emotion you will become confortable with.

For example, you do drugs and say something completely outrageous to a loved one. That makes you feel not good enough leading to pain + you feel guilty from what you said so you want to numb the pain. Therefore yo take drugs which cause you to feel guilty so want to numb that pain so you take drugs… You see the vicious circle.

By the way, I speak of drugs and alcohol but you can replace that by ”workaholism”, sex addiction, gambling…

3- Lack of goals: Everything that does not grow, eventually dies. When not challenged, a being does not grow. One of the human needs is diversity. With lack of, we become to search desperately for it. Addiction creates diversity. The surprise element in ”I don’t know what disaster I will create but I know it will be different than what I usually live”

The consequences:

SDS doesn’t affect you only mentally. Guilt is a leading cause of cancer and other degenerative diseases. The Harvard Medical Institute has named ”resentment” a disease.

A lack of self esteem leads to killing yourself slowly. A body and soul which does not feel loved, will die.  It goes into ”auto-destruction” mode. A source for addiction, reckless living, sabotaging success, destroying other people’s lives or your relationships…

Mr. X had nothing to look forward to. He had everything he always dreamed of. I remember as a kid learning about Roman Gary’s suicide. A very well known extremely successful author who had an amazing journey. His eccentric mother had invented a tone of goals and he did them all. And when he did, he killed himself. He said he had nothing to look forward to anymore. I agree, it is extreme. Yet, so many are dead inside long before they die. Are you?

These are the three main root causes of SDS. If you feel I touched a nerve and find yourself thinking ”oh my God, am not alone” or ”I don’t have to shut up anymore”, then you are on the way to healing.

If you need help, I coach people and help them heal faster. I have helped people who were followed by psychoanalysts for 10 to 30 years, getting them out of medication. I helped people cure their cancers (read here, I said I helped and not I cured). The mind can either by your best ally or your worse enemy. I bring people back to life.

If you need me, contact me at slavicainc (@) If you don’t and you liked this articled (if it made some kind of sense), share it. You might save someone’s life. You actually might know someone with SDS. Or you may not want to admit it is you, yet 🙂

Sending you all lots of love. We all can use more of it.

10 ways to lose a potential client on social media

I started being interested in social media later than most people. I didn’t understand why it was so important to share and comment. I didn’t know then that you could build solid bonds, make real new friends and find clients using social media.

Since then, I can say I have done pretty well increasing my social following, building bonds and finding new clients. As a professional coach, I teach business clients how to harvest the power of social media.

Unfortunately, I see so many people making costly mistakes and I wanted to share my top 10 list of how to lose a client via social media. The absolute “don’ts”. I know some of you will go “duh” but since I see this happening over and over, some might not know these.

1- Use their email address to subscribe them to your list without your consent. It is not because someone befriended you that they automatically want your spam in their inbox. You need to ask for permission and consent before sending anyone any email.

2- Use the comment box to post an add for your service and product.

3- Use their wall (especially on Facebook) to post marketing material.

4- Share a post they have created not mentioning where you took it from but tagging them in it as if you were teaching them something.

5- Dragging them into a group that is only a promotional page for your business. A group page is supposed to be about a topic of interest, not about your particular product.

6- Immediately sending them an offer for your product or service when they connect, without even looking at their profile first and not even caring to know what they are about first.

7- Sending a general emails to all your “friends” forgetting that you had a conversation about a similar topic with one of them recently. Not referring it causes the other to know it is a general email. Everyone hates them because they make us feel unimportant. And there is nothing better to lose a client then to make him feel unimportant.

8- Stop having conversations with them if they offered you a service you didn’t want. If you chat for a while with someone and you liked the individual, don’t cut him off just because you don’t want to buy what he<s selling. You never know who that person knows and they might be a potential client for you or know someone who will bring your business to the next level.

9- Daily changing your work anniversary (on Linkedin) so that you appear constantly in the feed of your friends. That is just taking people for idiots.

10- Sharing too much personal info on your posts. Remember, everyone sees everything and everything lasts forever on social media.