Nowadays, Lucifer is cheating

This Monday resembled any other Monday, or so we wanted to believe. Yet a series of events are about to take place that will change our lives forever. We, as humans, will either survive and live as we were always meant to live, free of making our own decisions, or we will be destined to a world of eternal darkness, as Lucifer likes to call it ”Hell on Earth”. Our lives are in the hands of a five young protagonists, still unaware of their essential roles in the balance of Universal forces.

On this Monday morning, the New York subway station is crowed as usual. Sleepwalkers push and shove hoping to make it in time for their daily routine and not be late on a job they hate. They are called sleepwalkers because they have not awaken yet. They live day to day, paycheck to paycheck, afraid to live life on purpose and fulfill their life’s purpose. They live in a gray zone, between evil and good; between darkness and light. Lucifer loves them because they are easily manipulated and usually believe the puppets he waves in front of their credulous eyes.

They are attracted to wealth, money and possessions. They believe happiness is hidden in those material treasures and if they could only work harder, they would eventually be what they want to be, do what they want to do and live how they dream of living. Money is not evil nor good and there is no evil in having a lot of it. Evil lies in the intention by which we acquire what we seek. Some sleepwalkers are comforted by the light of their faith. Lucifer finds it a little harder to get to those individuals. He succeeds once in a while, slowly attracting them to darkness by feeding their envy, greed, anger, jealousy. Slowly, at times, he is able to lure them onto his side until they lose hope and faith.

It used to be much more difficult for Lucifer to bring darkness to the world as God had only to flick a switch and even the most tiniest lights would annihilate darkness. Nowadays, Lucifer is cheating. He found many ways to darken human souls. The Universal balance has shifted and our species could be lost forever.

As word of it came to God’s ears, he knew something had to be done. A pact had been set in place ages ago, before humans had been created. God and Lucifer had agreed that humans would be free to chose between darkness and light. That was their gift and what set them apart from every other species in the Universe. Lucifer had agreed. He was weaker then. He grew in strength fed by human negative intentions. He eventually designed a plan, a machine, that could turn human souls faster. He cheated and broke his promise to God.

God knew the time would come when Lucifer would use wicked ways to change the course of human kind, because Lucifer is what he is. When that time came, he called upon his soldiers, his Archangels and gave them a mission. They were to find five awaken souls, five earth Angels, who would find and destroy Lucifer’s machine. They were to arm and train them against dark lords and demons. And this is how they entered into our lives.

Archangels and armies of angels had fought many times against dark lords and armies of demons. Long wars that had massively decimated warriors on both sides. God and Lucifer had come into agreement of a truce. No more would Angels or demons bleed their respective blood upon the face of the Earth. That is when they agreed to create humans. God gave them a soul. Lucifer gave them an ego. And inside us humans, the battle between God and Lucifer would be fought until death would bring us to the camp we had chosen to fight for.

Until Lucifer cheated.  This particular Monday, our story starts at a New York subway station. People pushing each other, complaining, looking at their watches, stumping their feet. Sarah makes her way through the crowd to get closer to the edge of the platform.

A twenty five year old grunge wearing black ripped stockings, black shorts, a couple of tank tops covered with a black leather jacket, few various long necklaces, lots of bracelets. She looks tough and rebellious with her army haircut apart for one long stray covering half her childlike face coated in dark eye liner and lipstick. A book about medieval history sticks out of the backpack she is holding in one hand. In the other hand, a gym bag is slightly opened so that her samurai sword can fit in.

As they cracked Einstein’s skull open, they were disappointed …

The first chapter of ”Einstein’s wife: The tragic story of Mileva Maric, the real brain behind Einstein’s genius”

Please comment, let me know what you think 🙂 You can pre-order your copy of the ebook and save here:


As they cracked Einstein’s skull open, they were disappointed


A crowded amphitheater is agitated by the doctors, journalists, elected officials and a very selective group allowed to witness this very special moment. Some push and shove can be felt as everyone is trying to get a peak at what is happening on the lower floor. Nervous whispering can be heard among the professionals, exited by what they are about to discover. Men dressed up in elegant suits and hats or in their doctor’s uniforms. A quiet single woman stands out from the crowd in her pleaded velvet red suit and hat.

On the lower floor, a corpse lays in the middle of a clean surgical room. The deceased is hidden by the crowd gathered around it. All we can see from up above are backs of surgeons and nurses, preparing for a public autopsy. On the second floor, the huge crowd of agitated men is heating up with discussions bringing the temperature of the room to unbearable levels. Suddenly, a dead silence replaces the agitation. The chief operating surgeon picks up a mike and taps on it. A chilling strident sound comes out at first, followed by a somewhat calm voice.

Even though he has been doing this for many years, he never had such a high profile individual laying in front of him. He clears his voice and starts…

”We will proceed by opening his skull and remove the brain…”

The quiet woman dressed in red bursts into tears and rushes out through the surprised crowd towards the exit door. Men raise their eye brows. ”Who let a woman in here…” they think to themselves. In her haste, her hat flies off her head and lands at the feet of a surgeon.

The Chief Operating Surgeon moves away from the corpse. Everyone holds their breath and even a fly cannot be heard as we discover the body laying on the table: Albert Einstein.

The surgeon’s trembling hand tries to remain calm has he calls for a scalpel. A quasi unbearable wave of suspense invades the upper floor followed by utter silence.

After cracking his skull opened, the doctor pulls out the brain and explains to the nervous crowd: ”We will determine the weight of the most amazing brain in history”.

He carries the brain and carefully places it on a scale. He’s eyes widen up. He murmurs to himself ”This cannot be right”. He walks up to another scale and weights the brain again.

Some nervous coughs are heard on the top floor.

The disappointed physician finally declares: ”I don’t know what to say. It seems Albert Einstein’s brain is much lighter than that of a normal man. This goes against all our theories…”

My mother, the Sociopath, Dark Detective Thriller TV series

Sabrina is a thirty some nerdy successful novelist, a paranoid anxious hypochondriac who lacks self confidence living a reclusive life, hiding from society hoping to escape from her mother, Katherina Mild. Sabrina is convinced that Katherina is a double faced narcissistic perverse serial killer wanting to get rid of her daughter to prevent her from discovering the truth about her murders.

Katherina Mild is an outgoing, successful entrepreneur head of many charity organisations and highly regarded as a classy charming lady, a self made real estate mogul who is loving and caring.

During the entire length of the series, Sabrina will try to prove that her mother is a sadistic killer guilty of various indirect murders. The difficulty lies in her mother’s notoriety and prestige. Also, most people think of Sabrina as an obsessive compulsive paranoid lunatic taking too much medication. Sabrina has frequent visions which makes it difficult for her to tell what’s real from what’s not.

The audience will wonder if, in fact, the so called murders have been imagined by Sabrina’s overactive mind since all we will see is the reconstruction of events by flashbacks from Sabrina’s memory, until she gets help from Michael.

In the first episode, Sabrina wakes up with a broken ankle, rushes to the emergency room and meets detective Michael Peters as he steps in to investigate the brutal death that just occurred in the bed next to her.

She immediately falls for him but he will not be able to notice it because of her clumsiness. He will eventually fall for her because of her helplessness and help her heal her different mental problems.

Sabrina’s looks will improve with time as she will gain more and more confidence by investigating crimes and getting out of her shell, literally from her closed up world to the active investigating, helping Michael solve cases. Eventually, she will share with Michael the source of her paranoia and he will help her solve the biggest mystery yet. We will find out if her mother is a serial killer or not.

Each episode will show Sabrina and Michael working together to solve a case. We will also dive frequently into Katherine’s world of wealth and manipulation and maybe murder.

Katherine allegedly uses people’s flaws in order to kill them. A heart condition, or diabetes, or road unfortunate mishaps. She also allegedly hires the help of witches to cast spells onto her victims.

In the last episode (hopefully way past 100) we will know if Katherine is a murderer or not. Michael will marry Sabrina.

5 tips on writing your Best Seller

I recently met a man (I will call him Carlos) who told me, sadly, that he couldn’t sell the book he wrote. He was angry and gave me a pile of reasons why it was the case. He also looked at me in envy and disbelief hearing that I had a bunch of best sellers. He said I was lucky. I shook my head listening, with a sense of compassion.

I want to offer you five keys in writing a Best selling book so you don’t become that poor guy who feels sorry for himself. First, you need to choose your side: Are you writing to sell or are you writing to keep your book to yourself?

If you choose to write to sell, then you need to take care of these important elements:

1- Is the subject interesting to anyone but yourself?

Carlos wrote the History of Africa in Spanish and was trying to sell it in Brasil… Does that sound coherent? He was passionate about his subject because he spent most of his life in Africa but could only write in Spanish. The problem is, that subject is absolutely not interesting to Portuguese speaking Brazilians….

Most authors want to write their autobiography and I am approached quasi daily by people who love for me to write their biography. But they get a ”no” in 99.99% of the cases. I write to sell books and stories. Most biographies won’t sell. It is great to start your career by writing your biography to get it out of the way and move on to the next. Unless you have had an out of this world experience (and really really really out of this world) worth reading and you know how to spin the story to make it thrilling and exiting, a biography won’t sell.

2- The marketing plan needs to be in place BEFORE you write your book.

Carlos had the idea to sell a Spanish book about African history to Brazilians. I don’t think he had done much market research before proceeding. Here are some questions you have to ask:

  • Who am I selling to: age, gender, complete personal profile, interests, problems I can solve with my book…
  • Do I have a killer title? I spent 3 years as a book critic and I read more books than many people in a life time. Yet only a few really stuck in my mind. One of them called “How I ate my father?” from a Norwegian author. The title was so provocative that I couldn’t wait to read the story.
  • Is my audience large enough?
  • Who is my competition and how am I different?
  • What is my Unique Selling Proposition (what makes me different from the rest) and what benefits do I offer (benefits not advantages – see my article on selling)?
  • What is the market trend? Is this a subject that is on the rise or is the public interest moved on to something else? Will it last?
  • What does my reader want? You write for him not you!
  • How will I sell my book? You cannot rely on an agent or a publisher to sell your book as they will ask you to sell it with them. What is your plan?
  • How will I increase my fan base of potential buyers? remember, buyers buy you before they buy from you.
  • What image am I going to present? Your brand needs to be created before you start.
  • How many followers do I have on social media? For example, a lady taking pictures of her dog had 400,000 followers on instagram. She got approached by a publishing company to write a book on dogs. She wasn’t an author, but she had the fan base to sell a book.

3- Why am I doing this?

Did I just read about a book, a story or a movie that made it big and I think that if I do the same exact thing, I will also be successful even though I hate the entire process? If you answer even the sightliest “yes” to this, move away.

If you want to sell your book, you need to be extremely passionate about it. You need to eat, sleep, breathe your book. A book is never the end. If it is a success, it is the beginning of a long series of promotional book tours, signing autographs, interviews… If you do not like what you are writing about, your life will become hell if you are successful and you will curse the day you started on this journey.

Also, passion is contagious. The more passionate you feel about your project, the more you will attract interest. People love to hang around positive passionate people. It boosts our endorphine levels (the happiness hormone).

4- What else is there?

You do not want to be a “one hit wonder”. Most publishers hate it and you need to be able to share what you will be working on after that and after that and…

Also, you need to know what you can upsell your book with. Book sales rarely feed an author. You need to know what you will offer buyers of the book after. A movie? Consulting or speaking services…? You need to prepare for the after life of book publishing.

5- You need a truck load of confidence

I believe persistence beats resistance because when you persevere, you outlive any resistance. But, in order to persevere, you need to be armed with a huge load of self confidence, and mega positive attitude.

When I wrote my first book (a quasi autobiography 🙂 ) I received 400 “no”s from agents. I was a newbie and didn’t know much about anything then. Nowadays, “yes”es are coming from right and left because I made sure I am a best selling author.

Even if you don’t think it, you are in sales. Your job is to sell, sell, sell… your book or idea. And people smell confidence. We instinctively can tell who has it and who doesn’t and confidence will outsell non confidence ever single time even if the better product is sold by someone who lacks confidence.

Remember, people buy with their guts not their intellect. I will shortly write a post on selling to help you understand this concept better.

I hope this helps. If it does (or doesn’t) please comment and share.

If you want more, fast, now 🙂 I created a full video course you can invest in here and become what you want to be 🙂

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You will freak out. My works: Past, present and future…Answers to your questions

  1. Be aware, you might freak out, I’ll tell you why…
  2. As a Canadian, I am blessed to be fluent in both English and French.
  3. I follow trends so I write what will sell. I write easy to read material to attract large crowds. I spend 20 years in sales, marketing and business development so I sell what I write… 🙂

A lot of people ask me: “What are you working on?” or “What have you done in the past”. Here is a list of the last 5 years and current projects. This will change evidently through time. I will not list works that have been translated in foreign langages (apart from French and English). Alright, I will share one in Spanish. Not the German, Italian, Serbian…


People ask me “what is your favorite one, which one is the best?” I cannot answer which is my favorite as a mother cannot chose the child she loves the most. The best one is always the one I am working on. Not that the others are not good. I feel they are all excellent or I wouldn’t sell them but I always improve so I always have more to offer.

Why are going to freak out? Because most people do not finish one project per year and me well… you will see… I write fast and well. I am flexible and open to critiques. No ego makes collaboration a charm. My books are easy to read and therefore sell fast.

If interested in optioning or buying rights to any of these titles, please contact me. I am actively seeking representation with a literary agent. If you are one, this is a good time to sign me.

Working on, screenplays for TV series:

  • Starting 1st draft of dark thriller cop series “My mother, The Sociopath”:Sabrina, a nerdy novelist needs to prove the guilt of her alleged perverse narcissistic serial killer mother before becoming her next victim. Difficult. Sabrina is regarded as a paranoid hypochondriac with a wild imagination and her mother is a successful notorious self made generous real estate mogul. Sabrina will get involved in solving crimes with detective Michael Peters who will help her find the truth about her mother.

Working on, screenplays for feature film:

  1. Finishing 2nd draft, drama based on a true story “Einstein’s Wife: Was Einstein a Fraud”: Einstein wins the Nobel Prize using his wife’s discoveries. Based on the life of Einstein’s first wife, Mileva Maric, this controversial dramatic biopic reveals the trials and tribulations of this female physics prodigy who suffered from discrimination and Einstein’s abuse.
  2. Finishing 5th draft, epic action/adventure 1st part of trilogy “Angels vs Demons: Gateway to Hell”: In a world where the pact between God and Lucifer has been broken, 5 heroes are trained, armed and given special powers by Archangels to get into Hell and destroy Lucifer’s machination to engulf the Earth in complete evil darkness. Gateway to Hell is a fantastic thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. A screenplay by Award winning and Best selling author Slavica Bogdanov.

Working on, books in English:

  • Einstein’s Wife, the Novel
  • How Bed Bugs Saved my Life, the Novel
  • Angels vs Demons, the trilogy

Working on, books for publisher in French:

Finishing touches on a “Time management book” that one of my french Publisher is launching in January 2017.

One of my french publishers just asked me to write a book “The law of attraction for love” which will come out in April 2017. Currently working on the outline.

Works completed: Screenplays for feature film:

  • Award winning drama “How Bed Bugs Saved My Life”. Winner of 2 awards for Best Feature Screenplay.

Works completed: Books in English (if titles show in English, I will not repeat them in the French section) – In no particular order:

Best Seller: “Bankrupt to Wealthy” (now called “Money Power: The ultimate guide on getting the money you want“) A complete guide (spiritual and pragmatic, theoretical and practical) on how to increase your level of financial success, 2016

Boost your Brain Power: Unleash the Super Power of Your Mind to Have More Money, Love and Health, published 2013

Conversations with Angels I and IIThe book of Michael : How to increase your faith in Angels and the spiritual world, published 2010, 2012

Attract Love Using the Law of Attraction: ‘How to” practical step by step daily guide, published 2013

Attract Money using the Law of Attraction, published 2013

Get the Ideal Job Using the Law of Attraction: ”How to” step by step daily guide, published 2010

Best Seller (french version is regularly a best seller) Your Handy Personal Weight Loss Coach, published 2013

Amel Santorin Sailboat: Beautiful Photographs in the Greek Islands. This is a picture coffee table book, 2010

The short practical guide on the ”how to” Let Go and let God…, 2016

Road Block Busters: Getting rid of the no to make more space for the YES in your life! 2012

The Art of Instant Happiness, 2012

Know It All To Have It All, Knowing how to use the Law of Attraction 2015

Fix your financial crisis, 2012

Escape once and for all!: Get inspired and empowered to feel free to live the life you want to live, 2012

101 Easy Ways to Sell More Every Day, 2012

101 Easy Ways to Save Time Every Day, 2012

101 Easy Ways to Save Money Everyday, 2012

Be Free!: Keys to success and happiness in every aspect of your life, 2012

Works completed: Books in French

Arretez de fumer grace a la loi de l’attraction, 2013

Espoir d’une Vie Survécue: Livre de Poèmes d’une Adolescente Rebelle tome 1,2,3 Poemes

Best Seller Petit cahier d’exercices sur la loi d’attraction 2013 + 2016 (2e edition)

Best Seller Loi de l’attraction : mode d’emploi : Vers le bonheur, le succès et la réussite, 2013 + 2016 (2e Edition)

La Loi de l’attraction pour les Nuls poche, 2016

Le pouvoir de l’intention : Une énergie puissante pour réussir, 2014

Comment attirer son homme et le garder: Guide complet pour conquerir son coeur, 2013

OK one in Spanish : Cuaderno de ejercicios para practicar la ley de la atracción, 2014

You don’t have to stay stuck …

No matter what your current results are – the reality is, everyone gets stuck from time to time, it is inevitable and frustrating …

So, whether you’re stuck at a desk job you don’t love, stuck at 6 figures, stuck at expanding and deepening your relationships, or you’re simply not experiencing the joy and success you want … you’re not alone, AND you don’t have to stay stuck. You have a choice! You have the power to make things different.

I want to encourage you to pause and ask yourself these questions …

Do you ever feel like you are worth more than you’re currently earning?

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day?

Do you ever feel like you have a greater purpose than the path you’re currently on?

If you answered ”yes” to any of these questions, you might need my help.

We often cannot tell the forest from the tree or the solution from our problems when we are too close to them. Also, as we need a mechanic for when our car brakes down or needs a tune up; successful individuals seek coaches to leap forward towards success.

No one does it alone. The most successful athletes and entrepreneurs hire a coach to get them to the next step and I could encourage you to do the same. The investment you place in education with a specialist and a coach will reap rewards.

When you fear spending for your personal or business improvement on the short term, you pay a much higher price on the long term. Wasting time, energy and valuable personal resources hitting your head against the wrong wall. How long? How much do you lose?

Time can never be bought back and one wrong decision can cost you much more than you can imagine. You know what I am talking about. We have all been there.

I have spent close to 2 decades helping entrepreneurs succeed in business. I want to help you by coaching you to success.

Success is a mind game, a spiritual transformation and a technical tactical knowing. It is founded on self esteem, time management and goal setting.

If you are ready to get ”Un-stuck”, you need to contact me and get moving faster towards your success.

I coach people from 3 months (not a year because my results are much faster than anybody else’s).

Reach out now, as I only take 3 clients a month maximum, by sending me a message at

Do you want to become an author, get published, get paid, improve your business?

I have struggled quite a bit before I made it big. Why? Mostly because, as many people who read this, I had no idea where to start. Since 2010, I have written officially (not including blogs, articles…) 33 books with 4 best sellers. I developed a method to write good books fast

I didn’t even know back then how much one book written could improve my business success.

I wanted to write. Mostly I wanted to get published and make money with my books. I wanted to make money in my consulting business also. When I started, I didn’t know how to sell on amazon. I almost got ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars by publishing companies (some very reputable) who offered to publish me if I paid them. Thankfully, I was wise enough to understand that, if a publisher or an agent likes your work, they pay you and not the other way around. But many people fall in the trap of paying high prices for nothing they can’t do on their own.

When you write a book and become published, you have much more consideration as ”the expert” in your field. In real estate sales, consulting, professional firms, writing a book allows you to increase your margins, increase your sales, and put you far in front of your competition.

It is not easy to write a book. You need to make time for it. But time is a commodity you probably waste, because everyone has enough time when well managed. You need an idea. You need a way to write your book quickly because no one wants to stay on a project for ever. You need to find an agent or self-publish.

Because it is not easy, most people don’t do it. 90% of people want to write a book and after starting, 90% abandon the project. Mostly for 2 reasons:

No one to motivate them or not enough motivation to keep going

Not enough tools to know how to quickly write a book and get it published before the motivation melts away.

Therefore I have created a course to help you write a book in 90 days or less and get it published. I help you find the right idea and the right agent. I explain in easy steps how you can publish your book on amazon and kindle.

I have created a series of videos to help you get through it faster and in a simple way.

I created a free webinar to give you a lot of information, here:

What is the Relationship between Success and Fear…

People say “success is feeling the fear and doing it anyway”…Yes, that is true.

Yet success is also:

Never being afraid to feel fear

Feeling confortable being scared to death

Proportional to the amount of fear you can handle before taking a step back or not

Differentiating from real fear to illusions of ”what might go wrong”

Facing your fears head on, fearless

Being OK with the worse scenario becoming real

Having fallen so many times that you can get up before your face hits the ground so you have no fear of failing again

Knowing that you will lose losers and being OK knowing that you might have been one of them

Sharing it with the right people by losing the fear that some will take advantage

Driven by fear of never having lived life to the fullest

What do you think the link between fear and success is?

A quasi magical recipe for getting anything you want

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But what if, reaching success was as simple as 1+2+3? I believe it is. It is not easy, but very simple, it is.

I spent 10 years (and still am) studying how the mind works, how the brain can be trained to bring us what ever we want and how to get rod of all our self-sabotaging. I also spent that time studying the law of attraction and how we can harvest the power of universal energies to attract the best into our lives.

Here is a synthesis of these years of studies. Evidently, you won’t get everything in a few paragraphs.  Yet, still, this is a recipe for success:

1- Know what you want. What YOU really want. What makes your heart sign. And don’t worry about the “how” you will get there.

2- Know why you want it. You need the most powerful motivation, so great, so big as if your life depended on it (because it does)

3-Imagine the end result. Visualize daily, precisely the result you want to achieve, add as many visual details. Add all the other senses for more power and more effect. Visualize all the time, write stories about the end result, talk about it, think about it as if it already happened. Imagine in happiness, in relief, with enthusiasm.

4- Never plan plan B. This is super important. You must only focus on that unique precise goal. If you plan for plan B, it means you are not confident plan A will success. And if you don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it.

5- You can never let go of the helm. You have to stir your thoughts only in the direction of the positive outcome. Every thought that detour you from your goal, all doubts must be banned, stopped, destroyed. You need to accept full responsibility of everything that happens in your life and, that way, you regain control of everything that will.

6- Use the power of the spoken verb. You have to watch everything you think and say. You cannot allow even one word or sentence to not be aligned with the end result you seek. Never use phrases such as “I don’t know”, “if it happens” (but “when it happens”), “I can’t” (but “I know how”)

7- Do not allow any time listening to “nay sayers”. They say “you can’t” because they can’t. Run away from and never argue to prove your point.

8- Appreciate immensely all you have, be grateful 24/7. Producing endorphines will get your brain hooked up on pleasing you and will find more stuff for you to appreciate. The Universe brings about what you focus on the most. So, guess what? Do not blame, complain, gossip, … waste of time.

9-Accept the idea to not be busy, not work too hard, not push excessively. You don’t need to move dust around to feel busy and never move forward. We know that most people loose 80% of their time doing unproductive tasks. So you can chuck all those out the window and focus only on the 20% that will bring you results. The rest of the time is opened for new opportunities to come fill out the empty space.

10- Master your craft. Become the best you can. Not perfect. Just better than anyone else (that is where motivation comes into play because you need to passionately love what you are doing in order to want to be the best).

11- Never stop learning. The more you learn, the more you earn.

12- Let go of the outcome. Appreciate the process. Love your daily activities to the point of forgetting the end result. And then. follow inspired actions without questioning them. The brain ideas will lead you to the pot of gold. And when opportunities show up that match your dream, jump on them immediately.

There you have it. It is not all but if you do this, day in day out, one day, you will lift your head and notice that you are ahead of everyone else.

We should all get to die once

It would be so wonderful if we would all get to die once.

And it should happen unexpectedly as it always is even when we expect it or we should expect it and much to soon as it always is…

We would have a chance to regret everything we have not done, the words that stayed unspoken, the hugs we missed to share, the love we forgot to give, the forgiveness we have not offered to ourselves for all the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

We would cry, and others would regret the love they did not offer us when they had a chance, the words unspoken, the…well you know.

We would hug the people we love one last time, knowing it was the last time, making it the best ever.

We would eat a last meal and it would takes like the best meal.

We would not worry about the next day, because they would be none.

We would lose all the people we love, once. And they would get the chance to experience that loss, once as well.

We would get buried and hear what our loved ones think of us and our eulogy.

We would see what kind of legacy we have left behind.

We would talk to angels and archangels and understand their uncanny humor, and laugh with them. They would tell us all the times they held their heads with both wings and should it in disbelief watch our behavior or all the times they had to jump in to save us from ourselves. And we would feel the miracle of life. We would feel the light and see our we can be better in every way.

And then, we would get a second chance to live. To live fully, to do what we love, to live life to the fullest. To love like we are dying. To forgive like we are dying. To eat, laugh, play, sing and dance, like we are dying.

To live everyday knowing that tomorrow doesn’t matter. That everything can improve all the time. To know that everything can change for the best in a second. To love ourselves as we love others. To forgive ourselves like we would like others to forgive us.

We would wake up to the second life loving twice as much, living twice as much, caring twice as much, doing what we are meant to do without a care in the world about making sense of it. And our children would smile, knowing we are happy.

Or maybe…

Maybe some of us have already died once.

Maybe some would take that second life for granted just like the first.

I guess, it is all up to each and everyone of us to follow that path that make our heart sing, to never die with a song unsung, a love not given, a forgiveness not offered, a dream not realized, a mountain not conquered, a goal not conquered, and let go…

To live each day as it was the last. Because one day, it sure will be.

Inspired by the song: 10,000 Miles ( Fare Thee Well ) – Mary Chapin Carpenter

in the movie Fly Away Home…