10 ways to defeat fear and improve your productivity

Whether it is fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what other’s might think or say, fear of public speaking, fear of not being able to solve a problem… Fear blocks our ability to focus, come up with creative solutions or advance towards our goals.

We all have fears. They are normal and we need them. Fears have contributed to the preservation of our species and still help us in dangerous situations. In order to walk beyond fear or in spite of  fear; you need t first understand what kind of fear you are dealing with.

Real fear comes when we are facing a predator (an animal with big teeth or a person who might hurt us). That kind of fear helps us to immediately take a course of action: Flight or flee reactions which is normal and needed. All other thoughts are blocked in order to be only focused on the situation at hand.

The second kind of fear is created in our mind, our imagination. We project in the future an outcome we absolutely do not desire. That creates anxiety and provokes doubts about our current situation. We might plague our vision of the future with our current reality, extrapolate the circumstances without adding important factors such as : will, brain, lucky brakes, persistence and the unknown.

Fear prevents us from thinking. It blocks our neo-cortex and jams our creativity. Fear of anything is associated immediately with death, a bigger fear. And faced with death, we lose sight of everything else. It is imperative to overcome fear in order to increase productivity.

Here are 10 ways I use and coach people on that are very effective on overcoming fear, destroying it, ignoring it, …

1- Write it down on paper:

Write down what ever scares the living daylights out of you: You’ll get fired, you don’t have enough money, your project will be a huge disaster, you will lose all your friends, you will die (well of course, eventually)…

In light, darkness disappears. Some of your fears will immediately evaporate when you write them down. They were strengthen by your relentlessness avoidance.

2- Prove them wrong

For those who persist in the light of day, on paper. Write all the evidence you can think of that they are wrong. One of those evidence that can be proven is that nothing in the past is proof of the same reoccurring in the future simply because you know better. If you can find more evidence, go on a hunt.

Carry a piece of paper and notice everything that proves the fear wrong. By switching your brain to the contrary of what you thought, you will start noticing different realities around you that will prove what you want. Search and you will find.

3- Do, do, do, do

In action, fear dissipates. If you are fearful of a lack of something, make a list of everything you can do (search on the net by asking <<how<<) and start doing. It is in movement that you keep your balance. When you stand still, your mind may go in overdrive.

Create a substantially long and detailed to-do list and work at crossing off things you have done. This will build your self esteem and your self confidence and you will boost your level of energy.

4- Breathe

I know it sounds so corny. But, most people don’t know how to breathe. The deeper, longer you inhale; the longer you exhale; the more relieved you will feel. Act as if relieved and you’ll end up becoming it and the more relaxed and relieved you become, the more creative solutions you will generate, eventually bringing you closer to your destination. Learn to breath deeply all the time.

5- Look ahead and not besides you

A mistake most people do is to look at the problem and not their desired outcome. Fear, stress, anxiety… are indicators that you are thinking about what you do not want to see happen. Guess what? It has not happened yet and probably will not.

But focus on a ditch and you’ll end up driving in it. If you focus on what you do not want, it will expand in your brain and eventually you will create that eventuality in your future. The future is a blank canvas on which you can paint what ever your heart desires. But, if you paint a dark outcome, that is what you will create. There are an infinite amount of possible outcome. You chose.

6- Stop thinking about it

There is a theory I am starting to believe in a lot as I tested it many times. It states that the more you look at a boiling pot of water, the slower the water will boil. Really weird but I feel it is so right.

Things happen when you least expect them. The awaited phone call from a lost love when you actually meet someone new. The letter of acceptance to the out of town college you dreamed of going to when you find a job you love right where you are. The pregnancy just as you adopted a child…

Why is that? Is that a way of the Angels up above to make fun of us? Nope. I believe two things happen. The first is we attract what we are. So, we have more chances to attract that which will make us happy when we already are happy. That we will attract that what we wanted when we feel we already have everything.

I also believe their is kind of big push and pull equilibrium in the Universe. The more we pull on something when we want to have it, the more the Universe conter-balances that energy by pulling in the opposite direction. When we let go and tend to our lives, the thing we wanted comes to us naturally.

7- Some things you can control

We all need to accept the fact that we can’t control everything that happens in our lives. This comes from a real control freak. I don’t know if you’ve ever played chess or backgammon or monopoly on your own (is it just me?) but it’s get boring pretty quickly. The element of surprise needs to be included for our lives to gain a sense of magic and excitement.

I personally make a list diving the page in two section. My to-do and God’s to-do. Some things cannot be controlled so let them go to the powers at be and focus on your end of the deal. Do your best on your end and let go of the rest.

8- Catch a squirrel

I used to do this fun thing with my dad when I was a kid. Thank God he wasn’t one of these dad’s always worried her daughter would get hurt. We use to sit next to each other on a bench with crushed nuts all over us. Sit in silence. At first, nothing would happen.

But, after a while, we would see one, then two, then a dozen or thirty squirrels surround us. They would all be frightened at first. They would jump, grab a nut and run away. After a while, all squirrels would comfortably sit on our heads, shoulders, laps, knees, feet… Chinese tourists would stop and take pictures. Some posing with us. Today, I guess our videos would go viral.

Have you ever tried to catch a squirrel running after it? After you ever tried to keep someone close by chasing after them? What ever you run after, tends to run away. Learning the art of stillness will help you get what you want much faster.

9- Focus on the outcome

Practice imagining the outcome you wish for and how that would make you feel. Every morning write your desired outcome (for the day, the date, the interview, the sales pitch…) and bathe yourself in the thought that you already have that. Celebrate the moment as if you already have successfully achieved that. Then, let it go and go about your day.

Have a 4X5 card with you upon which you have written your desired outcomes (short or long term goals) and, every time you feel an stress attack, ready it and focus on having already achieved it.

10- Be grateful

Remember, your fear is only showing one thing missing out of a larger picture where you already have achieved a bunch of things. Appreciate all that you already have.

I believe the opposite of fear (or the vaccine to fear) is love. And gratitude is a component of pure liquid love. Every morning, get into the habit of writing the 10 things you are most grateful for and that will immediately shift your energy level.

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Creating a creative mind – problem solving and successful thinking 2/3

In my previous post I spoke of a way to be more creative by emptying ones mind. In this one, I want to share with you another very powerful tool to help you become much more creative and find solutions to any problem.

This is what I call programming your brain for success. I order to do so, you need these following 3 elements:

1- Get rid of the stress.

I know you immediately thought ”easier said than done! Look at my life Slavica, it is stressful!” I beg to differ. Stress in a reaction you decide to have when facing ”adversity”. You don’t buy stress at the corner store or be tagged with stress by someone. You chose to deploy stress. Of course, it has been so long that you have used this method of coping that you do it automatically and believe there is nothing you can do about changing that. Yet, if you want to have a creative mind, you need to get rid of stress.

You see, stress blocks the brain activity almost completely. Under stress, anger, panic… your neo-cortex (the one that creates ideas) shuts down. This mechanism helped the homo sapiens survive. The fight of flea response is the only one that operates at that time. Because of that, you will not only lose the ability to have creative thoughts but you will also be deprived of the ability to have a clear vision of your surroundings (or so called ”reality”). It will get distorted because of the stress, fear, anger…

For instance, on a smaller scale. Everyone has experienced the following, one way or another. Imagine you are late for a meeting and you stress out about not getting there on time. But, you realize that you misplaced your keys (file, phone number…) and absolutely need it. The more time passes, the more you worry about not finding what you are desperately looking for (and sometimes yelling and blaming someone else for misplacing it). After a certain amount of time, you are late for the meeting. It’s over. You sit down, letting go of all the stress and worry; because you missed the event. And then, there it is, appearing right in front of your eyes your misplaced (keys, file, phone…). Almost magically. How come you didn’t see it before? The same thing happens when you desperately search for a name. You are talking with a group of people and you try to remember the name of the actress, the movie, the street, the owner…and you draw a total blank. You later go grocery shopping and there, between the meat section and the dairy products it comes back to you. Why? Because the stress is gone.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to let go of the stress. There are many ways of doing so (breathing, meditation, EFT, hypnotherapy…). I teach a technique called ”the point of relief”. You can see it on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P29vSLEsiig

2- Feed your brain with endorphines. Have a powerful ”why”, be grateful, be forgiving and generous.

Endorphines, on the other hand is the food that fuels creativity. The ”happy hormone” helps you learn faster and get more ideas and solutions. There are many was to develop happiness. Gratefulness and generosity tend to provoque those hormones. Love does so too.

Forgiveness is the ability to free yourself from the pain you associate past circonstances or other people’s actions. It is a choice to not allow resentment to pull you down. It is a gift you give your self that enables you to walk lighter towards success and not be held back by the past. By forgiving, you allow more endorphines to flow in your system.

Having a powerful why means that you have strong positive motives for what you want to achieve. ”Why” will always provoque ”How” meaning that if you are extremely motivated by future circumstances that provoke immediate happiness in the expectation of the future success, you create enough endorphines to stimulate your brain into finding new possibilities (new ways) to get to your goal.

3- Visualize

As you know imagination is stronger that reality. Your brain is incapable of knowing the difference between the two. The more you visualise in detail the outcome you would like to see or experience, the more creative your mind will become.

The brain is an amazing idea creating machine. Your reason was built to prove to you (to reason) that your beliefs are real. It searches like a radar in the reality surrounding you, the elements of that reality that suit most your belief system. When you strongly imagine a ”reality’, that your eyes have not yet captured in the reality around you; there is a gap between what you see with your mind and your eyes. And that makes the brain ”freak out”. The brain will therefore search intensely to help the two become similar.

The eyes can see approximately 10% of the reality. And the brain can ”compute” only 10% of those pixels. When your imagination gives the brain new images, it wills search outside into the hidden 99% to find a similar reality than the one you created. Suddenly you will notice things you never did before. You will reason differently. You will get more creative ideas.

Do not believe what you’re eyes see. The images from your current reality have been found because of your past beliefs. Change those and what you will experience in reality will be completely different.

Seing is NOT believing. Believing IS seing.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Creating a creative mind – problem solving and successful thinking 1/3

Where does the ability to think outside the box and problem solve come from? A lot of people have asked me what do I attribute my creativity and my success to.

I have written 34 books (and three best sellers) faster than some have written one. I have 6 books coming out on the market this year alone, when some do not have six books published in one year. I have successful launched a start up with only $200 invested and a return of $200,000 in its first year. I have been successful in generating 2,5 million supporters in less than 6 months when I started a peace movement and ended up meeting with leaders of the opposition at the Canadian Parliament behind closed doors.

What do I attribute my success to? I believe it all starts with the brain, the mind and finding solutions to any problem. And the brain is a muscle that needs to exercise constantly in order to achieve higher levels of fitness.

Here are 3 personal behaviors I have developed, in the hopes that they might help you rise to the top as well:

1- I have an empty mind.

People often laugh when I tell them that I don’t have anything in my head. And I am very happy with that. I used to hold so much unimportant information and let so many unprofitable thoughts occupy most of the real estate of my brain. With that much clutter, there wasn’t a chance in the world, I would have enough brain space for creative solutions.

I decided to de-clutter. I removed all negative thoughts, doubts and fears that have no reason for existing. I let go of resentment and as soon as I feel I am thinking about an event or a person in a negative way, I immediately decide to release those thoughts and forgive myself and others; for my own well being.

I meditate daily and as often as I can. It is like re-booting the computer, defragmenting all the unnecessary data, like a cleanse of the soul and the mind. And in the void, I find answers, solutions, peace of mind. I found that peace of mind is not linked to any outside circumstances but can be found at any moment within us, even in the most frighting circumstances. Imagine your computer. When you have too many files open, the computer jams and tells you to close all in order to run the program which takes the most place. Your brain is the same. You need to meditate and close all those programs to let the larger one run.

I write everything down. As soon as an idea comes, I put it down on paper. I have endless to-do lists, plans, goal lists, “what if lists”, dream lists, my “whys” lists, obstacles lists… I write it all. One day, I decided to empty my brain completely on paper. We all think we are such geniuses with thousands of ideas. Yet, when we start writing it all, we realize that only a few good ideas live in our brain and repeat themselves endlessly. Like a juggler afraid to let go of one ball, we juggle the ones we have endlessly. If we put them down, we would be able to receive new balls. The same goes with ideas, thoughts…

I am not interested in retaining information that does not serve me. I have trouble with names, historical events, political conversations, general orientation skills, … And I love it. I used to be a living encyclopedia. I could answer any question about anything. But was that really serving me. no. I know where to find the info as soon as I need it and that’s all that matters. My brain is empty.

Imagine your computer. You cannot install a new program if the memory is clogged by many unused ones. You need to chuck the ones you do not use to instal the ones you need. It is the same with the brain.

…to be continued

When you jump: Choosing to live your life’s purpose

I believe, something extra-ordinary happens when you decide to live your passion and your purpose, no matter what happens. When you jump off a cliff not knowing (or caring) if your parachute will open; because you cannot but jump off a cliff so powerful your feeling of purpose is.

There is something magical that happens then, when you let go of any attachment because, evidently, when falling off a cliff you cannot have any attachment because there is nothing to hold on to.

You jump and you cannot look back or go back, because you jumped.Something amazing happen, you let go and you enjoy the ride. Because it might be the last ride, if your parachute doesn’t open.

But you have jumped. And you know live with integrity and honesty. Because you are not living the lie of faking a life you didn’t enjoy.

Because of the rush of adrenaline, your creative mind starts working much faster. Plus you develop this incredible faith that the Universe could not let you down, if you follow your purpose. As it doesn’t let down any other creature on Earth because they follow their purpose without having to think about it.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t die. Of course you, we all do, eventually. It might be today, in 45 years. Who knows, right. But when you jump, suddenly, you don’t care about dying anymore, because you started really living, living fully. Fully awaken, fully present, fully aware.

And, at some point, the parachute opens. The time when the parachute opens is really p to you. The more you try to hang on to the passing cliff, the more you try to fight the jump and regret it, trying to get back where you were, the more you doubt and get scared of what is going to happen; the more scratches you get and block the parachute from opening.

But when you truly let go, enjoy the ride as if it was your last (because it might be) and start tasting all of life fully. All slows down around you. The fear vanishes. You get ideas, and people start noticing that you have jumped.

You gain the respect of others who have jumped as well and who have deployed many parachutes before you. And they welcome you. And, when you least expect it, because now you are just fully into life; the parachute opens. And you find living success. Real success.